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Welcome to the Happiness Care Residence. We are an Assisted Living home for Seniors, providing a carrying, warm and suitable home for the needs of the elderly.  At Happiness Care Residence we pride ourselves in providing quality and individual care to our residents in all areas of their daily lives making each day a positive experience.  Happiness Care Residence helps to improve the quality of life of all of our residents with attention to physical, psychological and social needs while living in a loving and supportive family-focused environment.

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The Happiness Residence
Ultimate Dream

The Happiness Residence offers the highest standards of support to all residents. Our home accommodates a wide range of needs for each resident creating a home-away-from-home environment including short term, post-operative and palliative care. Residents at Happiness Residence remain in the care of their General Practitioner ensuring freedom of choice and continuity of care.

A little history

The Happiness Care Residence is owned and operated by Dr. Rebeca Arroyo Vázquez, Surgeon.

Dr. Rebecca Arroyo graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) with a specialty in Family Medicine by the UNAM. Dr. Arroyo has extended her area of expertise by taking multiple courses in Geriatrics, Diabetes, Hypertension, Alternative Medicine, Bach Flowers (stress relief), Herbalism and Sexuality.

Dr. Rebecca Arroyo has over twenty-two years of experience. She began her career as a family doctor in the community, later she gave Applied Clinical classes in her Alma Mater, she carried out a Feeding and Development Project in the Huichol community in Bolaños, worked as a Military Doctor for three years, and a Family Doctor in the IMSS, from 2002 to date.

A dream came true

"This residence for seniors is a product of my vocation as a doctor and my love of living with older people. I am convinced that their experience, patience and sensitivity to life allows us to learn as much as we are willing to receive. My personal intention is to offer a place where seniors can coexist with other people with similar interests within an environment of respect and security.  Where they receive activities that contribute to the strengthening of their emotional, intellectual, social and physical development" - Dr. Rebeca Arroyo.

Meet Our Team!

Happiness Care Residence Dr. Rebecca Arroyo Vazquez portrait.

Rebeca Arroyo

CEO & Resident Doctor

Happiness Care Residence medical student Miguel Colina portrait.

Miguel Colina

Medicine Student

Happiness Care Residence care giver Ana Maria portrait.

Ana Maria

Nursing Assistant

Happiness Care Residence care worker Silvia Márquez portrait.

Silvia Márquez

Nursing Assistant

Our Service

We are known for offering the highest quality care, which is a fundamental part of our values. Happiness Care Residence has everything you need to make your stay one of the best experiences. We create a close relationship with each of our residents listening to all of their needs.

Medical Professional Network

Rehabilitation for Injury or Surgery


Rehabilitation and Recovery

Health Care Affiliations

Health Services and Management

Short Stays (Hours, Week, Monthly)

Convalescence stays from disease or surgery

Rehabilitation stays from fractures or pathological processes

Extended living for chronic pathology or diminished mental processes

Nutritional meals with flexible meal times

Social and Physical Activities



Off-site Activities

Reading Club







See what people are saying about us

The staff were always very friendly and helpful. I was bed ridden and my diaper needed to be changed several times a day, so I required more of their attention than the two assisted living clients.


I will certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for assisted living.


We are so lucky to have found Happiness Residence! A wonderful home for the elderly.


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The Happiness Care Residence is a place where your family feels at home. Providing personal attention, and daily activities geared to the individual needs of our residents. We offer a high standard of Assisted Living and Nursing Home services that we are proud of.

— Happiness Residence

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Santa Clara #504
Riberas del Pilar, Ajijic, Chapala
1 1/2 Blocks Mountain Side Across From Pemex-Oxxo

M.D. Rebeca Arroyo V.

+52 (33) 3137 9604